Jack from Missouri


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Hello Cheryl Ann,

Can’t express how much enjoyment we have received from these two rascals! Ethan came to us in 2003 and was such a wonderful dog you sent us a pal in 2005.

They are each outstanding individuals physically and temperamentally, and together are a total hoot!
Ethan is an intelligent a being as I have ever been around. It’s amazing how athletic and graceful he is. He also has that trait of good poodles of seemingly anticipating what you want or what your going to do.

Lilly is a total belly laugh! She does not have bad days. The tail is always going. Where he is ‘human’ smart she is ‘dog’ smart. He is the boss but she can take away anything he is chewing on or playing with without him even knowing he’s been had.

Super with the grand-kids and family friends. Consider Edgar, our parrot, as part of the pack and he thinks their part of his flock. He mimics their bark calls ‘quiet’, ‘good dog’ and calls Ethan by name and will ‘taste’ their noses with his tongue. They are an integral part of our family.

Keep up with the great work!

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