Nancy & Mike from Illinois


Toby & Sadie 7-07 Toby and Sissy 7-07

Toby and Sadie Posing 7-07 Toby and Sadie 7'07 
Toby came into our family on my birthday, July 1st and he has been with us for a year. To say he completed our family is an understatement. Sadie Louise, our black standard poodle, was just 8 months old when her dear older brother, Simba, a gentle yellow lab, died suddenly.

While many people thought we should wait to add a dog to our family, we felt strongly that it was a testament to Simba to find another brother for Sadie Louise. Toby was just what the doctor ordered. Toby arrived at 4 months of age; a sweet, goofy, loveable boy. And, if I do say so, he is one beautiful boy. Sadie Louise and Toby fell in love and have been wrestling, running, mouthing and playing with each other ever since.

Most of our friends travel to our nearby dog park, but our dogs are their own dog park. If it’s too hot outside, they play together inside. If they are just too worn out to play, they lie side by side and mouth each other. To see the two of them together is to understand that dogs are pack animals. But being poodles, it’s clear that as much as they love each other, they love and respect their human people

Toby’s obedience is excellent and he was easy to train since Sadie Louise is extremely well mannered. Living in a family with lots of love and clear rules helps everyone grow and learn. Both dogs visit facilities as therapy dogs. Toby hasn’t really passed all of the tests but currently, he gets by on his sister’s laurels. We know that with time, Toby’s confidence will grow and he too will become a proud therapy dog.

We have had many different dogs in our lives; mostly labs and assorted mutts. What we tell people is that our poodles are more like humans than dogs. We can’t imagine ever having anything but a poodle. In fact, we can’t imagine our lives without these very special poodles.

Thank you for sharing your love and expertise with us through Toby.
Nancy and Mike

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