Puppy Questionnaire

Please fill out our form below and hit submit. Your answers to our 3P Questionnaire will help us determine not only your specific criteria for your next family companion, but to also qualify you as a 3P (that’s Perfect Poodle Parent).

Thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you folks…….. Lord bless your day!

Cherylann : )

While our

Perfect Poodle Parent Questionnaire

If you are interested in a puppy please call me and I will ask you the questions –
I am easy to talk to and friendly and can also answer all your questions at the same time…

Call Cherylann at (218) 564-0741.

Perfect Poodle Parent Questionnaire

One thought on “Puppy Questionnaire

  1. We lost our chocolate poodle, Bosco, and we have not gotten over his passing in over two years. We are looking for another large brown poodle to love and cherish. Would you have that special puppy for us? We want a boy, on the large size. We take our poodles to the groomer once a month or six weeks. They are trained and very, very loved. We are just looking for the right place to buy our next brown boy.

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